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Author Topic: Epson R3880 & Marrutt Inks  (Read 564 times)


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Epson R3880 & Marrutt Inks
« on: August 08, 2019, 05:35:52 pm »

I have an Epson R3880 and the cost of OEM inks is getting ridiculous and I am in 2 minds whether to look more closely at a third party ink set.
The Marrutt ones look interesting because they have refillable carts and they say that as long as you have about 10% OEM ink left, you can slip one of their carts with their ink and carry on from where you left off.

My understanding is that you cannot use the ABW driver or to me more precise, they do not recommend using it and the workflow they suggest is to create profiles and print through those even for black and white which is a shame because I do enjoy using the ABW and seem to get very good results.

I was wondering if anyone uses their inks with a 3880 and if so, be interested in your feedback.



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Re: Epson R3880 & Marrutt Inks
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2020, 06:51:59 am »

Hi Ian.  I have loaded some Marrutt ink into my Epson 7880.  I bought the printer cheaply as it was completely blocked up and, once I got it working have used it to explore how to make ICC printer profiles.  I have used two other inks: InkTec and Cone Colour from InkJetMall.  Because I was experimenting along the way, I don't have any really relevant direct comparisons between the three different ink sets except to say that the gamut volume of ICC profiles generated using InkTec and Marrutt inks were noticeably larger than the gamut volumes of profiles made using Cone Colour ink.  There were slight variations with each set of ink when using different numbers of patches, patch sizes and numerous variations in the switches available in Argyll software for producing printer profiles.  However, as you will see from comments on other parts of this site, the real test is if the prints please your eye not distracting numbers like gamut volume.  As a standard print I have been using the set from DataColor and the differences in print results from all three ink sets are at worst subtle.  I haven't done as much printing with the Marrutt ink as with the other two inks and I expect that I will stay with it while its price remains competitive.  That said, the InkTec ink is just as good and even cheaper.  I expect that the Cone ink is better quality and certainly more expensive for both ink and shipping (to Australia where I live).  I hope this helps.  Rob
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