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Author Topic: Canon iPF5100 Initial refil  (Read 188 times)

John Henry

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Canon iPF5100 Initial refil
« on: August 05, 2019, 11:09:47 am »

 I have two non-working Canon iPF5100 printers. Both have error
> message E161-403F. When I researched it\'s meaning. It came up, Replace Left
> Print-Head. Here is one of the odd things. I was given a Canon iPF5000
> printer, because both of it\'s print heads failed. The left one failed within
> it\'s warranty period, and Canon replaced it free of charge. The right one
> failed at 18 months, and Canon told owner he would have to pay for it\'s
> replacement. Which is why he gave it to me. Took me three months, but I found
> someone parting out an iPF5000, and I acquired  the correct print-head for
> less than $100.00 My point being that all three printers, left print-head
> failed first. Then and within six months. the right print-head failed, on all
> three printers.
>  When one of the iPF5100 printers failed, I was away for less than two weeks.
> It was working when I left. Failed on my return, also the ink lines no longer
> seem to have ink in them, or there are a lot of air bubbles.
>  My questions are. Is there a way to do an Initial Fill, in service mode?
> After I install either a new or used replacement  print-head. Is failed right
> side print head a foregone conclusion. Once printer is up and running. If so,
> and I buy a new or right side print head. How long can it be stored. Or if I
> buy a used right side print-head, and am able to replace ink inside the
> print-head with the product used to dissolve harden ink. Can that print-head
> be stored for six or more months?
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