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Author Topic: National Geographic Autochrome Collection  (Read 608 times)

Doug Peterson

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National Geographic Autochrome Collection
« on: June 10, 2019, 11:35:11 am »

We recently worked together with the National Geographic Society to research proper techniques and standards for the digitization of their Autochrome collection (one of the world's only large collection of this photographic material).

I'll admit that, despite having gone to a reputable four-year school for photography, I knew very little about this early color process. In my head photography jumped from 3-glass-plates-for-color directly to three-layers-on-one-substrate-color, which is not the case. I found it absolutely fascinating that some of the processes related to Autochromes used a color mosaic similar to the Bayer Filter Mosaic. Everything old is new again.

You can read my write up of this research on the NGS website or on our Cultural Heritage website.
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