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Author Topic: Thinking out of the box with developing temperature/times for C41 colour film  (Read 420 times)

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Okay. I have been swithering over what temperature to develop my color sheet film and what tank to use. I ordered a Sous Vibrator Cooker but it hasn't arrived yet and me being not the most patient guy on the plant I wanted to develop the film NOW. So without a sure way to maintain 38 degrees as recommended by Tetenal I decided to follow my own process off a color film developing chart that I happen to have.

So here is what I decided to do, I mixed the Tetenal colortec C41 to give me 500 ml of the dev, Blix and stabiliser all with tap water (This kit has been in my fridge for over 2 years). I left the aircon off in my darkroom and put the 3 bottles with the C41 in my darkroom and shut the door. I went for a swim for half an hour and came back and checked the temperature of the chemicals they were all 27.5 degrees (81.5 F) I then looked on the chart that I have and it said to develop for 14.25 minutes.
I loaded the two sheets of Etkar 4x5  into my Beseller 8x10 drum and started the developing process with the drum on the Beseller rotary base switching it from forward to reverse every 60 seconds;
1/. pre wash 60 seconds
2/. Develop 14 minutes and 25 seconds
3/. Blix 8 minutes
4/. Wash 6 minutes
5/. Stabalizer 1 minute
Hang to dry over night
And here is what came out……enjoy

And last night I did exactly the same as above but this time I used 11 1/2 minutes as the ambient temperature was 85 degrees F

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