Vertically Resize left panels

Started by lhodaniel, April 10, 2019, 08:36:48 am


Ok, I feel dumb because I could swear I've done this before and I've been using LR since v1.0. I want to drag and resize the Library left panel contents vertically not horizontally. Specifically, Publish Services is too big (actually I would love to get rid of it since I rarely if ever use them.) I'd like to shrink it lower and make more room for the folder tree and Collections list. LR isn't letting me do it. Has that been fixed all this time and I'm just now noticing?


E. Dinur

To get rid of Publish Services, right-click on the section heading and in the pop-up list uncheck it. To have only one section expanded at a time, on the same list check Solo Mode.