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Author Topic: Photoshop CS6 Win7x64 Shift F5 keystroke misses target SOLVED  (Read 459 times)


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 I recently started experiencing a new behavior with one of my Photoshop CS6 Win7x64 keystorkes.

 The "Shift F5" which I use for "Fill" now summons the "Grow" command.

 I checked my keystroke mapping and Shift F5 is still assigned Edit>Fill while Select>Grow does not have a keystroke assigned.

 I restored my preferences, and it did not solve the issue. Shift F5 still summons the Grow command. I kept a backup for my preferences and reverted to my familiar set up.

 I can not think of any big change to my system, other than installing some demos over the past few months.

 I hope I am just missing something obvious. That said, I have frequently used the Shift F5 function, and continue to reach for due to habit, so I am experiencing this misbehavior or misunderstanding in a wide variety of circumstances.

 Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

 Thank you!

 Edit to add:

 I figured out that I had recently added "Commands" to my "Actions" panel. In the Commands list "Shift F5" was assigned to "Grow", and overriding the standard keystroke assignment found in my Keystroke mapping. I deleted the Commands list for my action panel and functionality has returned to normal.

 I am glad to have learned the real solution which was obscured by so many suggestions to nuke the Preferences, install new drivers, etc. etc.

 Thank you.
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