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Author Topic: Adapter made for RB67 lenses to Mamiya 645AFD II body  (Read 324 times)


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Adapter made for RB67 lenses to Mamiya 645AFD II body
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:13:27 pm »

Hi all, There were some questions in times past about use of RB67 lenses adapted to other cameras so I thought to let folks know there is a way to put together an adapter to do this. The one I made is ALL metal, adjustable for focus, and has an external lever to cock/open/activate the iris and/or shutter. The focus is handled thru a helical focusing piece, the lens mount I made using a RB67 lens adapter to 4 X 5 lenseboard mount - bored the bore to use a ring adapter to 62 mm threaded ring to mate to the helical focus adapter, then a 62 mm to Mamiya 645 bayonet lens mount. It wasn't terribly cheap, but I can now use my collection of RB67 lenses on my Mamiya 645 AFD II with a phase one back. I don't have to worry about any plastic parts such as used with an adapter assembly put together by a fella in England who posted and article on his assembly. I built and assembly that he described and it does work, though I don't trust the plastic lens cover section with any real use out doors in cold weather like we have had this year.I found the parts on Ebay, they are made in Russia and China, and there is some machining to do, but can be done on any metal cutting lathe by anyone able to use their equipment. Should there be an interest, I can post the complete list of parts, and the procedure to modify the Lens mount to 4 X 5 adapter. This assemble does NOT "shake and rattle", and I can even use my RB67 500mm lens and mount on my M645 AFD II with the Phase One back, manually focusing and adjustable "F-stop" must be done, resolution is such that I can easily photo the metal barn of the neighbor 350 yards away and tell what type of screws there are holding the building together.
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