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Author Topic: SOLD : HP Z3100 inks  (Read 186 times)


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SOLD : HP Z3100 inks
« on: December 13, 2018, 05:08:57 pm »


When my 24" Z3100 died a couple of years ago I decided not to try and repair it and eventually moved on to an Epson P8000.  I just found a box with some new, 130ml unopened ink cartridges and a print head;

Yellow HP 70 C9454A Sc110308 04:24
Green HP 70 C9457A Sc 061122 17:29
Blue HP 70 C9458A Sc061108 20:33
Matte Black HP 70 C9448A Sc 061117 03:39
Gray HP70 C9450A  Sd091102 08:48
Matte Black/Cyan Print head 70 C9404A  2007/05/12

The print head is ancient, I got it from HP when I first bought the system due to some headstrikes but I was able to clean the head I had and never used it.  The inks were part of a full set I think.  No idea when I bought them but they are certainly after their "sell by" date so no guarantees ... not sure if the Sc number means anything to anyone.

They appear to be $88 each new, so $150 shipped for the lot

I'm not splitting and will have to ship by Monday 17th Dec or wait until the New Year.

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