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Author Topic: Canon PRO-2000/4000 printhead issues / ink blobs etc.  (Read 697 times)


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Canon PRO-2000/4000 printhead issues / ink blobs etc.
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:41:56 am »

Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask some heavy Canon PRO-2000/4000 users here about some issues.

First is an issue with some overspray - it seems that only on some light magenta or certain shades of blue i get an overspray of Photo Magenta that doesn't seem to go away with time. In my experience with grand/large format solvent printers that was the case when printheads were "cold" as in not working over the weekend or ambient temperature was too low. We would heat it up and it would go away. Here the banding on PM goes away after a few inches, but the overspray does not disappear completely causing pale pink shadows on both sides of tiny elements which have PM there. Normally if i had that issue on other printers, i'd just switch off those troublesome inks altogether, but here with all the 12 colours and no access to how the profile is built, i can't help it. Is there a way to fix it other than replacing a 6-month old printhead?

Another issue is occassional blob of ink on the sides of the prints, as if there was some accummulation of ink underside the printhead and when the carriage slows down on the sides of the print, the droplets are shaken off and fall on the paper. Does anyone of you know why it happens and is just a regular cleaning procedure going to remove it, or is it better to just take out the printhead and try to wipe it with a lint free cloth?
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