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Author Topic: Best software for a photo library  (Read 4863 times)


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Re: Best software for a photo library
« Reply #40 on: January 05, 2019, 05:38:55 pm »

It is time to put some more order in my Hassie / Leica S files.
How much order are they in now?
If you knew the shooting date could you find any file in under a minute?

If the answer is no then you probably need some file management before starting anything else.

I have all of my files in the one drive. The file structure for raw files goes ImageLibrary / Originals / 2019 / Canon (say) / YYYY-MM-DD_FirstFileInThe Folder / YYYY-MM-DD_IMG1234.CR2

So I can find any file very quickly.
The Aperture Catalogue, Lightroom Catalogue, Photos Catalogue, C1 catalogue are all on the same drive so they can all look at the same files and I can put the drive on another computer.
As there is only one drive to backup, it gets backed up several times a day and the multiple backups get rotated around to different locations.
I based it all on the Chase Jarvis Workflow which you can find on Mr Google.

For what its worth I use Aperture as my software library. It is simply the best but I would obviously not recommend starting with it now. If a better one comes out I will migrate, but that is not the current situation.
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