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Author Topic: Sigma's direction  (Read 544 times)


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Sigma's direction
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:50:47 pm »

There are some nice insights to get from this seemingly quite candid interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki:

It seems that:
- The proprietary Simga SA mount (designed originally for 35mm format SLRs, mostly mimicking Canon EOS mount) is now on its way out: no new bodies, meaning no new Merrill or Quattro style cameras, only ones in Leica's L mount.
- SA mount lenses will keep being made for now, so long as owners of SA mount bodies keep buying enough of them.
- Its L-mount lens system will probably start with the 14 designs now made in Sony E mount.
- He describes the dynamic as a Panasonic initiative, with Panasonic approaching Leica first, and Sigma entering later.
- He says nice things about MFT as a compact system, almost as if promoting the vision of a market with 4/3" and 35mm formats, and not much in between!
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