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Author Topic: Aptus 75 cross compatibility  (Read 2405 times)


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Aptus 75 cross compatibility
« on: October 21, 2006, 06:19:07 pm »

I am looking for some Beta testers out there to confirm a problem I am having, and also a warning to those using Bridge and ACR with their Aptus 75's  This is really a question for people shooting with the Aptus 75 specifically.

I like using bridge and ACR to initially edit, correct, crop, keyword, and copyright Aptus 75 MOS files.  These settings are stored in Sidecar XMP files by bridge right next to the RAW files.

Both iView Media Pro and Leaf's capture software write metadata into the MOS file directly.  This is unusual in the world of RAW files.  It is sort of a semi-DNG concept.

The problem is that if I:
-make changes to a MOS file in LC10 or LC8 and save the file, or
-export annotations from iView to the original MOS

The result is that Bridge no longer recognizes the XMP file as belonging to the newly saved MOS file.  The cropping, process settings, and keywords disapear in Bridge.

I started a support case with iView.  They feel that adding their metadata into the MOS file is within the MOS spec and that Adobe was doing something wrong.

Leaf has not responded to my question on their forum, but I don't think this is their problem anyway.

I started a support case with Adobe also.  I got a response telling me that I needed a service contract for any "active" technical support ( I responded that I was not charging them for my help in de-bugging their software).

To illustrate the seriousness of this problem, consider that I used iView to change one keyword on 4000 photos in 600 folders on 3 hard drives and exported that one change to all the images.  There were about one hundred Aptus 75 files in that group spread among several folders.  Bridge no longer sees the cropping, process settings, or keywords of those Aptus 75 images.  Just a couple of hours of editing time erased.  Image if all the images had been from my Aptus 75.

I hope some other Leaf users can confirm my results.  It does not make sense, but this problem did not exist with my Aptus 22.  This is a bug which could cause some serious damage to someones photography collection if you are using ACR and Bridge as your primary processing and editing tools.

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