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Author Topic: Hasselblad H5d-50c hot shoe and transmitters  (Read 484 times)


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Hasselblad H5d-50c hot shoe and transmitters
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:24:26 PM »

I was wondering if the Phottix Odin II transmitter with match up to the Hasselblad hot shoe?
I dont shoot TTL, and I have had some problems in the past with transmitters fitting on the Hasselblad hot shoe and allowing the lights to fire.

any info will be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Hasselblad H5d-50c hot shoe and transmitters
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2018, 11:57:21 AM »

It should physically fit, BUT since the Odin II is a TTL unit, if you can't turn off all but the center pin, as soon as you turn on the transmitter, the camera will throw error codes as the Odin is trying to communicate with the camera and the Hassy has no idea WTF is going on. 

The X1D doesn't have that issue with Nikon iTTL units as it's designed to 'speak' iTTL

The situation is the same with any TTL flash or transmitter that can't disable the TTL pins such as say a Nikon/Canon flash, Profoto A1, etc. However, the A1 can be put in XSync mode which disables all attempts ar TTL communication and it works fine in manual mode.

If you tape over the smaller TTL pins on the transmitter, leaving just the center pin and ground connection, it will transmit a simple sync signal just fine. However the sharp pins will wear through the tape very, very quickly and the errors will start again. It can also make for an overly-snug fit in the Hassy hotshoe.

The best solution is a dumb adapter that only has that center pin on it.  In such an adapter, the TTL pins connect to nada and your transmitter functions solely in sync mode. 

You can also open any TTL extension cord, adapter shoe, etc., and snip the wires to the TTL pins, but that's a bit more involved.

A unit such as this or similar will do the job:

Hope this helps.
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