Hmmm...Well, I'm Sure We Were ALL Waiting For This!!

Started by Kevin Gallagher, June 20, 2018, 05:32:21 pm

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin In CT
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Eric Myrvaagnes

I saw this earlier today on an email from B&H Photo. I had to show my wife, saying "Here's a new photo accessory that I obviously can't live without!"

We both laughed.
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What's next?  A device that encourages a sea gull to sit on a pier for photos?

Kent in SD
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MIOPS is making a nice trigger and they're other products are very good. This new accessory does seem a little ridiculous when you consider that the best of the best photographers known for splashes are triggering them manually, finals often composited from hundred of shots.


I suspect that they will sell a lot to product photographers who don't have an assistant to stand there and make drops. I have taken 150 shots to get a splash right. Time is money.
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