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Author Topic: Is the Epson R1800 for me?  (Read 2225 times)


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Is the Epson R1800 for me?
« on: October 10, 2006, 01:36:18 pm »

Hello all,

Newbie here to the site, which seems fantastic BTW - lots of great info here.

I am fairly new to the professional photography world, and especially new to the professional printing side of things.  I've been shooting pro now for 5 years, and things are really taking off too.

I am a golf course photographer who needs the absolute best in professional quality printing.  Is the Espson R1800 the printer for me?  It's in my price range.  the new ones are not unfortunately   But if the R1800 can't do what I want, than I guess I'll get one of the new ones.

The sizes the R1800 can do is fine for me, as very few order prints larger than 12" high.

My concern is I believe the R1800 can't accept the new, artistic papers Epson has.  AND, that the print quality just won't be there.

help, help!   thanks a ton!
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