LR 7.3.1. LUT amount slider not showing

Started by zobelaudio, June 14, 2018, 01:41:21 pm


Hi Guys,

what is going on here, when I go to the new profile section, there should be an amount slider showing up, once I click on a profile. Matt Kloskowski has demonstrated this in his introductory video to 7.3.1.
My version does not show this, is there some way to make this happen ?


john beardsworth

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I think it depends on the profile. Some do, some don't, so for example the "camera-matching" profiles don't but I have some LUT-based "Creative" profiles which do, and where I specified the amount's range.

The distinction between "Creative" and other profiles is drawn from here 

See this illustration:


If the sliders move, it's a preset. If the sliders don't move, it's a profile. And they are separated in the browser, partially for this reason. Matt didn't point that out?

There are  two types of profiles now: DCPs and the newer XMP-based ones. In terms of the newer XMP based profiles, they specify a base DCP. For the vast majority of them, including those made by third parties, that base DCP will be Adobe Standard. So the first consideration is that XMP Profiles are built on top of DCPs and extend the DCP profile. On top of the base DCP, there is an optional Look Up Table/LUT. XMP-based profile can also specify many but not all of the options from the GUI we use. There are some reasons why these profiles do not move corresponding sliders. For example, a preset for vignetting adds just a vignette and do nothing else, the other adjustments are not altered.

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Is there any .cube to xmp converter?  in lot ...

john beardsworth

Use the Adobe Camera Raw window from Bridge or Photoshop. The method is documented in the Profiles SDK (April 2018) at . The SDK contains a pdf with step by step tutorial.



Thank you,

The would like is some program that processes in lot.

  .cube at the same time.