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Author Topic: "On The Rocks" EP03  (Read 829 times)

Kevin Gallagher

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"On The Rocks" EP03
« on: June 07, 2018, 08:44:34 am »

   Loved seeing the golden oldies cameras Kev. My first "real" camera was the venerable Canon AE-1 Program. It came with a 50mm 1.8 lens and that is the only one I used for a long time. I can't begin to count the $$$ spent on developing the shots, especially once the One Hour Film stores were in operation!

    I eventually did get a moderate zoom lens, flash, and a few other accessories for it, but somehow, I did not understand one of photography's basic tenets, that film cannot capture the range of light that your eyes can. Despite reading just about every basic book available at the time this never sunk in.

   The battle over the limited DR of film went on until 2000 when I saw that the Nikon D1 was available, all at once you had the ability to shoot and process for "free" with the added benefit of the the exposure information being automatically captured for each image in the files' metadata.

   I can remember driving up to a Boston Area camera store and dropping almost 10 grand for the Body, a couple of lenses, etc. After that, my interest and involvement just snowballed like an unstoppable juggernaut and I was hopelessly hooked! (It was also around this time I discovered LULA). Had Canon introduced a DSLR first I  most likely would have remained with them but by the time they did launch theirs I was awash in Nikon gear :)

   Looking forward to the return of "The Toy Store" too, I still get a big laugh out of the Quattro Pro blooper reel.
Kevin In CT
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Re: "On The Rocks" EP03
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2018, 05:09:41 pm »

My first SLR was a Canon AE-1, with the 50/1.4. "Get the faster lens," my dad insisted. I bought it for my first Middle East trip on the advice of a colleague at the company I'd just left. I think I've mentioned before on LuLa that the camera and lens ended up in the Nile after I stupidly left 'em sitting atop a felucca my then girlfriend and I were sightseeing in. I took the photo below, rewound & unloaded the film (Kodachrome 64), put the camera down and was fishing out a fresh roll when the boat bobbed up & down a little too vigorously.

I ended up getting another one with the same lens, which were then stolen within weeks of my return to the US. Switched to Pentax after that!  :)

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