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Author Topic: Street hazard  (Read 474 times)


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Street hazard
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:08:20 pm »

Few years ago I and my oldest son visited Perpignan, South of France. I walked around and spotted a few young kids driving mini quads and motors. I positioned myself on the corner of the street, pre-visualizing the kids on their quad, little bit of motion blur, bit of panning, and so on.
Soon the kids came around the corner, they spotted me with my Mamiya and before I knew I was surrounded by those kids on Quads. I was not afraid and did not consider the situation as dangerous and started chatting with the kids. I toke a few shots and made a few jokes and the kids left on there quads.
My son, who was standing a half street further away, said I was lucky, he judged the situation completely different and he assessed it as dangerous.
I laughed at him and said he should not to spoil his live with unfounded fear.

Few weeks later, when I was home and looked at the neg's on the light table, I still was very convinced my son was a chicken and there was nothing to be afraid.

Imagine my shock when I took the print out the development tray and took a closer look under the safe lamp. Check out the right hand of the kid on the back of the quad.

Kids op brommer in Perpignan by Ivo Bogaerts, on Flickr

After a few jokes and chatting in French with them, they went back to kids mode and left.

Kids op brommer in Perpignan by Ivo Bogaerts, on Flickr

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