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Author Topic: Epson P5000 printer-authorized Epson dealer to obtain "$200 dealer disct"  (Read 504 times)


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Dear Forum,
I own an Epson R3800 which still prints fine and I'm hoping it lasts more years, but, realistically, I am lucky to have it still printing fine, in 2018.
(I also own and use a Canon ipf6400 and Canon Pro-1 printers).
I have an Epson brochure sent to me by Epson and I am interested in a P-5000, which goes 17 inch long, list at $1995 MSRP US.
The thing is on sale for Epson rebate of $400.00 plus $200 dealer discount.
That brings it to $1395 US, total, for the P-5000.
I cannot find a dealer with this dealer discount  shown and the ones I have checked so far do not even show the $400 epson discount, till May 31. I checked the sites I frequent, and which I bought my Canon ipf6400 from, but they do not show present 400 rebate nor the 200 dealer discount. 
I did check B&H which does show $400 epson, but not the $200 dealer discount.
Can someone point me to "authorized" Epson dealers, which offer "dealer discounts" per the Epson brochures ? Do you have to call such dealers, and specifically ask, "Hey, can you offer me the $200 dealer discount on this?".
I checked my printer sources online, and where I bought my ipf6400 for about $2000 US, no luck on the dealer discount and some did not show Epson rebate till May 31.
Thanks, Debra, in Virginia, USA


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B&H doesn't show the dealer discount, but they show the same end price, i.e. $1395.  It appears to me they've factored it in.  Call them to be sure.

Richard Southworth

I.T. Supplies

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That discount may already be factored in.  Epson at $1995 while dealers at $1795 on top of Epson Mail-in's that are applicable.

IT Supplies
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