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Author Topic: What Ink Usage setting for Moab Entrada Natural 300 on Canon PRO-4000?  (Read 726 times)


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I've recently installed a PRO-4000 and am currently focused on Entrada Natural 300 as my paper, at least for my upcoming exhibit that hangs in early June. I don't have spectrophotometric equipment and am relatively new to serious fine art printing. One operational configuration that I have includes a custom profile done by Chromix with Canon Highest Density Fine Art (HDFA) as the media type. Another configuration that I have includes the generic profile posted by Moab for Entrada Natural on this printer series (though specifically done on the PRO-2000, I believe); this configuration also uses Canon HDFA as the media type. Canon HDFA is defined with an Ink Usage level of Largest, which is the highest Ink Level available for this printer series.  Based on the limited testing I've done, Ink Level = Largest does not appear to raise issues for this printer + paper combination.

My question is addressed to others who are using Canon PRO series printers (but especially the PRO-2/4/6000) and Entrada Natural paper and especially those who have tried different Ink Level settings with this paper.  I'm particularly interested in those who have tried different Ink Level settings with the Canon HDFA media type, but I'd also like to know if anyone ended up choosing some other Canon media type than HDFA as their base for optimizing output to Entrada Natural 300. Of course, I'd also like to hear from anyone who has concluded that HDFA and its pre-defined Ink Level = Largest works just fine for them on this printer + paper combination.

For those folks: can you comment briefly on the Canon media type(s) you explored and finally chose to use with this printer + paper combination and what Ink Level setting(s) worked best for you? I look forward to and thank you for any comments you can provide.

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