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Author Topic: Question about partitioning hard drive and CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner)  (Read 498 times)


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Taking advice from a thread on this subject at LL, I downloaded CCC and got an 8TB external hard drive set up.  My main computer is a Mac Mini with a 1TB conventional drive as well as a 250GB SSD.  My LR photos are stored on a separate external HD. 

I set up CCC so it back up the 3 drives (2 from the Mac Mini and my external HD containing my LR photos).  When I click on the drive the CCC is backing up to, it just contains all of the files in total, not separated according to the drives they originated from.

Should I partition the back up drive into 3 different partitions and specify each donating drive go to a separate partition to keep thinks more organized?

Jeffrey Saldinger

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Re: Question about partitioning hard drive and CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2018, 05:04:38 PM »

You may need only individual folders on the destination, one to represent each of the source drives.  I have individual folders in my CCC destination drives (not partitions) for backing up different source folders or drives.

Have you tried emailing the Bombich help desk?  This has worked well for me a few times over the years.  I am confident that other respondents here will confirm, refute, or expand on this.
Astoria, New York
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