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Author Topic: Fujifilm GFX + Canon EF 180f3.5 Macro L  (Read 463 times)


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Fujifilm GFX + Canon EF 180f3.5 Macro L
« on: January 08, 2018, 06:17:42 AM »

I did a quick test with the Canon EF 180f3.5 Macro lens on the Fuji GFX using the Steel EF-GFX adapter.
Works well :-)
- AF decently quick but the lens itself is also not very quick on Canon cams
- image circle about 90-95% of GFX sensor (at all distances and apertures)
Enclosed a test shot at nearly 1:1 @ f11. Lens has slight cushion distortion (removed in ACR). The automatic CA removal of ACR is not able to fully remove CA at the image corners (which is not visible at my motive). Sharpness holds pretty well towards the corners. The corners are dark due to vignetting.
(att.: the ProPhotoRGB colours are not shown correct in the thumbs)

So that lens provides a longer working distance than the various 120mm Macro lens options, 1:1 enlargement and about 7900x6192 px usable sensor area.
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