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Author Topic: Phone APP to find photo locations wherever I am??? Is there one???  (Read 694 times)


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Is there a phone app which list scenic or interesting photo locations geographically?

It would be great to pull out my phone wherever I am and check out whether there is any interesting locations within 1-5 miles where I am actually standing? Do you think there is an app like that? Something made/tailored towards photographers.... Any ideas?



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Re: Phone APP to find photo locations wherever I am??? Is there one???
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 08:18:37 PM »

Sounds like you want a PhotoOpWiki. It would need to be a humungous database to cover all the possible genres and styles of photography. There is The Photographer’s Ephemeris, but that’s designed more for determining sun angles for lighting than it is a “Where and what to shoot” app.

I have the most success just Googling the place and using a few choice keywords depending on the type of photography I’m interested in. A friend of mine makes use of the photos that appear on Google Maps or Google Earth to get a sense of “what’s there”.

I’ve explored the possibility of creating a photo location guide and began a website for nature and landscape photography in southern Ontario, but quickly discovered how monumental the task can balloon into. Maybe this is a job for retirement! Learn some php and make it a proper database-driven site.

I’ve also mostly completed a Google Map of Iceland with geotagged photos to give people who may be planning a trip what’s where.

Anyway, this doesn’t really answer your question except to say I’m as curious as you are to learn what people have found in this regard.
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