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Author Topic: Beware! (rant)  (Read 828 times)


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Beware! (rant)
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:51:14 AM »

... of the Reflecta ProScan 10T / Pacific Image PrimeFilm XE (or others with that name).

I know it is not a "professional device", but still thought it might be a good backup/ 2nd scanner to my aging Minolta Scan Elite 5400. But this one is really bad. The good thing is: IF it works the results do really almost match the minolta. I do store the scanner in a airtight bag. But I have to disassemble this thing almost everytime I use it to blow dust from somewhere to get a stripe-free scan. Also to get a decent result you need to "rum-warm" it carefully. (how tos on the web, don't need to repeat here.)
Also the handling is awful, not to talk about "look and feel". I dont mention the software as I use vuescan anyway. But as this "thing" is basically not THAT cheap one might expect such a toy ...

(end rant)

It's so bad, theres not a lot choice for (new) filmscanners nowadays.

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