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Author Topic: A simple hack to open Sony A7r3 files with your existing software  (Read 118229 times)

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No need to upgrade your image processing software if you can already open A7r2 files, just use this simple hack instead, as it seems the RAW files are exactly the same, but the A7R3 model ID will not be recognised in your existing software, but you can trick it into it thinking the A7R3 RAWs are actually A7R2 RAWs and so it will then process and open them correctly - ;)

Download Exiftool first (free), then run the following command line:

exiftool.exe -sonymodelid="ILCE-7RM2" <rawfilename>

Here's a way to convert all files in a given directory:

exiftool -sonymodelid="ILCE-7RM2" -ext ARW -r <dir>

Source of this tip can be found here: Sony A7R3 simple RAW file conversion hack

I haven't tried this yet, but looks good  ;D

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