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Author Topic: Profiling an OLYMPUS P-440 dye-sub printer  (Read 2848 times)


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Profiling an OLYMPUS P-440 dye-sub printer
« on: September 01, 2006, 08:34:51 pm »

I am using a Mac PowerPC G5 (OS X 10.4.7) with an Olympus P-440 dye-sub printer. I need to color-profile my printer and use a custom profile instead of the one that is automatically chosen by the printer.

When I open the 'ColorSync' setting environment in the PRINT dialog, I get two options for Color Conversion: 'In Printer', which is dimmed and 'Standard' which is active by default and can't be changed to anything else. When I check out the summary of my printer's settings, I can see that in the 'ColorSync' section of settings I got the printer's profile set to 'OLYMPUS_PRN_100.icc'.

Maybe somebody knows how to turn OFF the profile that is automatically selected for me in the printer driver? I even attempted to remove the profile from the system altogether, but I can't find it anywhere on my machine. I did a search for the name "OLYMPUS_PRN_100.icc" on my computer and the search did not return any such thing. However, when I use my ColorSync Utility, I can see this path:
Library/Printers/OLYMPUS/P440PM.plugin/Contents/Resources/OLYMPUS_PRN_100.icc. It seems to me that the profile is embedded in resources of the plug-in. Am I crazy? What am I missing?

Is it possible to get rid of that profile short of reformatting and reinstalling the whole OS X? I'll appreciate any hint that can help me to get started with custom profiling of my printer.
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