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Author Topic: Experiences of flying with photo gears  (Read 109183 times)


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Experiences of flying with photo gears
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:13:33 pm »

I had several fantastic experiences when flying with photo gears:
1. Hand carry a Leica table top tripod.
    The tripod consists of two parts, the rotatable, collapstable legs, and the ball head with a ~4" tall tube. The securities asked me to take out the tripod after the X ray. They suspect the legs are a gun.
2. Check in a Leica table top tripod:
    When I get home, I found the tripod became 4 parts: The bottom plate of the ball head that has the female connect was separated from the ball head, and the mail connect on the legs too. Apparently they suspect there was something in it.
3. Hand carry a Leica table top tripod. Kept it visible in the outer pocket of my backpack:
    The security did not bother with my tripod, but asked me any other photo gear in my backpack, I said yet, camera and lenses.  At that moment, I was afraid they might want to de-assemble my lenses to make sure nothing hidden in it.  No, they were not that stupid this time, but they asked me to take out the camera and shoot it.  I guess I was too alert, I immediatedly responded: why? it'd not a gun! then I realized they wanted me to take a picture. But amazingly coincident, the battery is out of charge. It wont fire. I took out the battery and put it back again. no use. The security said " JUST SHOOT",  I replied, sorry no bullxx .... ehh, sorry, no battery. 
4. Hand carry a Leica table top tripod, a camera with lens, and several battery:
    The security found the 3 batteries, with the brand name Samsung on them.  "Sorry Sir, ...."

Lessons I learned:   I put a big mark on my backpack : "Leica Inside! ". 
Interestingly, since then, I have never encountered any pick-pocket in my trip.   


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Re: Experiences of flying with photo gears
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2017, 01:53:37 pm »

The only problem I've had was flying out of Phoenix with my yashicamat and half a dozen rolls of 120 film. The TSA agent had never seen either before, thought the camera was a bomb or something (What IS THIS?!  Uhhh.. a camera.),thought he needed to open each new roll individually despite me telling him it's film and it says right on their sign that it's fine. I was able to get the supervisor to come over fortunately before he started trying to unspool my shot film and I dunno lick the paper or something.


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Re: Experiences of flying with photo gears
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2017, 07:37:06 pm »

Personally I'm surprised they allow a tripod to be carried on. Seems like a very nice weapon.

I've traveled with my gear a lot and really have no issues. A lot has to do with attitude...if you have a chip on your shoulder, the TSA agent will have a bigger one.
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