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Author Topic: Canon 5D's not showing Autoexposure Bracketing Bias in C1 Metadata  (Read 977 times)


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Question: is there a method within C1 Pro to group or better identify sequences of bracketed shots for HDR processing.

I am still on a C1 learning curve and have been shooting 5dIV and 5dsR with auto bracketing turned on for HDR landscape images.  I am finding that C1 is not helping me manage or sort the HDR groupings and can't display the Metadata to show me which file is which as C1 Pro does not include Canons Autoexpure Bracketing metadata field.  C1 does include Exposure Compensation however for some reason Canon has set that to 0 and set Autoexposure Bracking to -1, 0 +1 etc but C1 does not display that.

Any suggestions how to better manage this in C1?  I don't want to switch to another tool.  I am coming from which LR handles this just fine by displaying what it calls "exposure bias".  I have attached DPP File Info (white background) and C1 Meta Data (black background) demonstrating the problem in that I can't see what the bias is in the metadata leaving me to peer at the images one by one.
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