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Author Topic: Powershot S3 Pro IS  (Read 3032 times)


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Powershot S3 Pro IS
« on: July 31, 2006, 02:36:47 pm »

As usual, Michael is ahead of the crowd, picking an overlooked gem and announcing it to the world!  This review once again is well written and so helpful.  I especially like the fact that the camera is both silent and non viagra driven, both of which are great for social settings!

A minor quibble, not to be confised with nitpicking, which is dealing with matters of no conceptial importance, unless you are nit-ridden.

"The good news of this is that depth of field at medium to wide focal lengths is quite extreme. For example, the photograph above as taken at 14.5mm ( 90mm equivalent). Though the perspective is that which one would get with a 90mm lens, the depth of field is that of an ultra-wide in 35mm terms. In the photograph above (taken at f/3.5) everything is in focus from the nearest raindrop to the distant shoreline, while the perspective is normal."

Perspective should only change with position, not focal length.  It is independant of focal length.  The latter changes DOF and the size of the field.

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