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Author Topic: Phone photography paying article  (Read 4443 times)


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Re: Phone photography paying article
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2017, 06:39:29 am »

Sometimes taking the shot is way more important than taking a technically perfect shot.

This is especially true when covering events. With creativity you can get around the limitations of the phone sensor and fixed focal length. On top of that you can deliver in a few minutes, straight to the audience.

Good technique and lighting will take you a step further, making images good enough for printed magazines and still not easily distinguishable from bigger cameras. But everything depends on your client and what level of quality is acceptable to them. If you are commissioned to cover something for social media, a phone is the best tool you can use because anything else will just slow your workflow down for very minimal gains.

I have some pictures taken with my phone in this page and they work extremely well on something like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook even when viewed on a PC. They are not intended for print, but I'm sure that with a better phone it wouldn't be hard to get higher quality. My phone is plagued by low actual resolution (less than the advertised 8MP), a low pass filter, really bad optics (note that things get blurred going towards the corners and the sides) and extremely limited usable range (colors wash out already at ISO 200, noise is visible already above ISO 160, the only clean output is at ISO 64).
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