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Author Topic: the x-y Easel is going legit  (Read 79980 times)


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Re: the x-y Easel is going legit
« Reply #20 on: May 06, 2019, 10:00:27 am »

For at least, 'one' of the loyal followers of the X-Y Easel [and the Science behind it], any ETA on this update?

I have to say, I have read and re-read every word of the two X-Y Easel Threads and I must say, this is an absolutely Brilliant idea. I can tell (read) that many don't get it; and I understand it can be hard to 'unlearn' what you already know. Fortunately, I was already 'out side of the box' I can see the intent and benefits, of which there are many, very clearly.

My only concern is that I hope the original intent of this Project does not get overshadowed by the fanfare and bling of all the technology. (I saw one of your earlier builds in a Movie on the official website and in a still picture. It was quite a modest build BUT it was, Simple, Light enough to be in the field, Yet, strong enough to withstand knocks and dings that accompany mobile equipment, unintimidating, totally unobtrusive to the Artwork it was holding, it could muscle up a little over 60 inches with ease; but at the same time it had a very small footprint.

One of my favorite builds it the one with the 80/20 extruded aluminum. Pop the sucker in the car, and 'go to' the Artwork and Capture it 'the way the Artist saw it'.

I would then take some of my Profits and 'treat myself' to the Wow factor of those silky smooth and quite Linear Bearings and Rails.

There is one other thing I noticed about my favorite build; the top and bottom supporting hardware left the edges of the Painting clean with nothing in the Cameras way. You get a nice straight line and no chance of any over cast shadow (like that downward lip of the classic easel clamps)

What I would like to see in a future build.

An option to pull the canvas apart from the back (stretching it). This would benefit large Canvases that could sag under a little pleasure or ones that may already sag a bit.

And anything (if it doesn't already exist) that helps to resist repositioning when you accidently dump against the Canvas. I'm think spikes.  (I'm just realizing this one isn't quite as necessary with the automated x-y movement. That bumping only happens when you have to 'manually' move a Canvas. You get to the top row, bump the Canvas, throwing it out of the plane that you carefully set with the Zip-Align (a never new how far off I was until I got this thing)

Anyway, this X-Y Easel has the benefits of a MUCH more expensive solution, without the cost. Can't argue with that and wouldn't want to.
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