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Author Topic: C1 10 speed, vs Lightroom?  (Read 2008 times)


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C1 10 speed, vs Lightroom?
« on: December 02, 2016, 01:29:17 am »

I was excited to see a major release that seemed focused on performance.  I've been using LR for 3 or 4 years, and I'm a speed addict.  LR has gotten much better recently, but I'd still like to see a tool that lets me review, at 100%, with fluidity.

I installed C1 10 today and loaded in a set of 10 36mp images that happen to be from a Sony A7r.  I adjusted the preview image size to maximum, 5120px, and regenerated previews.  I'm using iMac 4.0GHz i7 with Radeon R9 M295X, 24GB RAM, everything on SSD.

I observe the following:

At the 100% zoom view, any scrolling to another portion of the image results in a smooth rendering of the preview (which has about 2/3 of the linear resolution of the original), followed by a 1.5-second delay, and then the pixel-accurate rendering drops in.  If I scroll back to the previous area, the blur/delay/render cycle happens again.  It does not look like C1 is caching the rendered image.

[In comparison, in LR, the rest of the image is cached either immediately or after some scrolling has happened.  Working the image over an extended period, at 100%, is fluid, with a fully-accurate rendering.]

At fit-to-screen on my retina display, moving from image to image yields somewhat mixed results.  There is usually a delay of about a half-second before the keypress is registered, and then there may be a period of low-resolution, followed by a higher-resolution rendering.  In all cases, it appears to be showing the preview first and then calculating and overlaying the "accurate" rendering.  C1 is definitely caching at least one or two "previous" images at this zoom level, because backtracking is always fairly snappy.

[This activity seems faster than LR in Develop mode but slower than LR in Library mode.]

These are the two main things I do where having crisp response really would improve the experience.  I realize parametric rendering of edits is a lot to ask to happen sub-100ms, but I don't understand why C1 wouldn't leverage more RAM and pre-compute more of the views for the nearby images or the nearby portions of the working, zoomed image.

My questions to the forum are:

1)  Is this about what you all are seeing, or does anyone observe markedly better performance?

2)  Other than manually requesting it, at what point does C1 update the cached Preview Images after edits are made?  Mine still seems like it's retaining older versions even hours later, because I seem to be seeing an earlier version, with its different tones and exposure edits, in the interstitial rendering that I described above.

My apologies if my wording is unclear.  I am not a C1 user and may be using the wrong terms for things.  (Like "variant." :) )



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Re: C1 10 speed, vs Lightroom?
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 07:29:44 pm »

I'm in the process of evaluating Capture One 10 vs Lightroom 6.7.  I'm using a recent 27" iMac with 32 GB RAM.  The catalogs reside on an internal SSD and the photos are connected to an external drive via Thunderbolt.

My catalog is approximated 21,000 picture.

I never had any performance complaints about Lightroom.  Everything I did, while maybe not instantaneously, happened in a reasonable amount of time.  Capture One on the other hand, seems to take too long to perform many operations.  From launching the software where I'll get a beach ball of death to many of the adjustments which will take seconds to see the change.

I'm curious if there is some optimization that I can do?  Or is a catalog with 21,000 pics too large?


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Re: C1 10 speed, vs Lightroom?
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2016, 06:40:04 pm »

After using LR since the pre-publc beta and now a LR and PS CC user, I was unhappy with rendering and conversions of Fuji-X RAW files since switching to  Fuji completely 3 years ago.

For the past 6 months, I've been using CaptureOne Pro 8, then 9 and now 10. Three weeks ago, I converted my LR library of 145k+ images to 3 separate C1P10 catalogs (C1P does not handle large catalogs as quickly as LR).

I've also been using Affinity Photo for several months to replace Photoshop. For my light PS usage, Affinity Photo is more than ample and much quicker than PS. I thought that I would miss my PS plugins, but I found that I'm not using these since switching to C1P.

Today, I cancelled my Creative Cloud Subscription. Now I am all in for C1P10 and Affinity Photo. Very happy with the image quality and work flow.

Bud James
Bud James
North Wales, PA [url=http://ww
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