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Author Topic: Gitzo GT 1555T vs RRS 1 Series  (Read 6685 times)


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Gitzo GT 1555T vs RRS 1 Series
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:11:21 am »

I really like the RRS brand and use their tripods usually. Iíve trying to find a new travel tripod, especially for my urban photography. And their smallest option (the TQC-14) is a little long (when folded) for me. Itís about 20in.

The Gitzo GT 1555T on the other hand is only 14in long when folded.

I donít imagine Iíll use any extremely long longs. Maybe a 70-200 f/2.8 once in an extremely long while. Mostly 24-70 and 11-24mm. I use the Canon 5Ds R, so the resolution requirements are quite high though. Is there any advantage to getting the RRS over the Gitzo? Or is my longing for the RRS just sentimentalityÖ?




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Re: Gitzo GT 1555T vs RRS 1 Series
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2016, 09:11:03 pm »

I have the gitzo and love it. I use it with the XF and the longest is a 150mm lens.

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Re: Gitzo GT 1555T vs RRS 1 Series
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2016, 06:04:58 pm »

I have a Gitzo traveler too.  I use it with a BH25 ball head and it is incredibly compact.  I like that it can go ground level if needed with a quick unscrew of the post.  It is surprisingly stable even when extended.  Now...the legs are small when extended and I don't recommend it...but honestly one or two extensions are fine generally.  If you have a nodal slide for panoramic work, it helps a lot.  I use one in order to move my camera to its true weight center over the tripod depending on my angle.  This helps A LOT.  I've actually used this setup with a tech cam as well as a hasselblad H before, DSLRs, etc... and it worked fine. Much more stable than just placing the camera directly on the ballhead.    Now I wouldn't use it in running water of a stream like that and expect vibration miracles.  I still usually carry a bigger tripod when I know I have to do stuff like that.  Otherwise...the travels are great. 
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