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Author Topic: Michael Reichman's initial observations  (Read 9690 times)


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Michael Reichman's initial observations
« on: July 03, 2006, 06:38:02 pm »

Michael Reichman has initially noted essentially the following:

1) Canon D1sII was with some lenses almost as good as Contax 645
2) With some lenses Canon D1sII was much weaker than Contax 645
3) Schneider Digitars wide angle on Cambo was much better than Zeiss on Contax

As far as I understood has this led to Michael assuming that P25 back was limited more by lenses than CCD resolution.

4) Michael has tested a APO Rodagon Digital HR (correct?!) and found that it was diffrcation limited around aperture 8.

Now, as I understand, the Managing Megabytes Pixel Peeping Session did not confirm Michaels findings. After checking out MTF curves for the involved lenses I would have expected to see some difference, but possibly not on the optical axis.

I would be much interested in hearing some comments from Michael Reichman.

The "Managing Megabytes" Pixel Peeping Session was obviously very informative. I really appreciate the effort by the gentlemen involved.

Best Regards

Erik Kaffehr


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Michael Reichman's initial observations
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Too early...
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