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Author Topic: Gamut Comparison Premium Luster and Innova F-Type  (Read 4060 times)

John Hollenberg

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Gamut Comparison Premium Luster and Innova F-Type
« on: June 28, 2006, 10:49:07 pm »

I haven't seen the Innova F-Type Gloss, but since it sounded interesting to me, I decided to download the profile available at  Both this profile and the Premium Profile created for the Epson 2400 for Premium Luster were created with Monaco Profiler software.

Using Colorthink Pro, I created two short Quicktime movies, one with the Premium Luster shown as solid (and Innova F-Type Gloss as wireframe) and the other with Innova F-Type gloss as solid (and the Premium Luster as wireframe).

They can be downloaded here:

Please save the files on your computer, then double click to
run with Quicktime.  If I run out of bandwidth (20 GB/month),
will have to put them elsewhere.

Colorthink Pro shows the Premium Luster able to print L* of 5.9
and Innova F-Type Gloss L* of 6.2 (pretty close in my book).
Interestingly, the Innova F-Type Gloss is shown as having a slightly larger
gamut volume (734,000 vs 712,000) as calculated by Colorthink Pro.
Some of the colors have a better gamut on one paper, some on the other.

Thought this might be of interest to others.

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