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Author Topic: C1 Chromatic Aberration Support for Samyang 12mm on Any Fuji, X-T1 X-Pro2 etc  (Read 1587 times)


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While working with C1 on a series of X-Pro2 Files, shot with the Samyang 12mm F2.0 lens, I found that C1 will not analyze the files period.  It just skips them. 

I understand that C1 support of the X-Pro2 is a bit iffy now for Fuji imbedded lens profiles, but I would have assumed that C1 would work as LR does, and still allow an analysis of the 12mm lens as a generic?, but current it won't.

Odd's are that C1 will never add support for this lens (Samyang 12mm) which is sad as it's a great wide for any Fuji, but does anyone know of a way to get C1 to at least remove the CA?  I have thought about changing the xeif info to make the Fuji 14mm, which is close.  I could care less about distortion, just want CA fixed. 

Paul C
Paul Caldwell
Little Rock, Arkansas U.S.
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