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Author Topic: AB&W on Epson R2400  (Read 2374 times)


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AB&W on Epson R2400
« on: June 06, 2006, 03:22:01 pm »

I've been doing B&W printing using MIS inks and an Epson C86 for about 2 years now, and recently purchased an R2400 to do larger prints, as well as color.  I've got a couple quesitons about the AB&W flow.

First, reading around, it seems that I can use Roy Harrington' "create-icc" to create profiles that can actually be used w/ AB&W mode.  Is this the case?  If so, could this basic flow be confirmed:

1: Make a print of a step wedge using the paper and AB&W settings to be profiled, with PS set to "let printer manage colors"  (or maybe "no color management"?).
2: Generate text file w/ spectro.
3: Use create-icc to make an icc profile.
4: Work up a photograph like I want in PS, make monochrome image, convert to greyscale from RGB, then soft-proof with generated profile.  (Or do I leave it in RBG?)
5: When everything is as I like it, use "Print /w Preview", select "let PS manage colors", and use the generated profile.
6: Us AB&W mode in the Epson driver, making sure settings and paper match those of the profile used.

Is this about right?

Thanks a lot for any feedback.  I'm looking forward to trying this out when my printer arrives tomorrow.
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