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Author Topic: 03 Cured My Epson 4900  (Read 774 times)


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03 Cured My Epson 4900
« on: June 05, 2016, 12:02:12 pm »

I have a 4900 that prints a 99.99 % perfect nozzle pattern except for one little spot in the green.  It's been that way for two years.  I never noticed any detrimental effect on print output.  However, the fact that it didn't print a perfect pattern drove me crazy.  Over the past 24 months I have tried everything short of changing the print-head to clear that stubborn little clog, but nothing worked.

My printers are located in a basement office that tends to develop a musty smell during the year.  I also have a MMA academy and use a ozone generator for clearing the air of smells and removing those impossible sweat odors from boxing gloves, pads, gis, etc. Yesterday,  I decided to give my print room an ozone shock treatment.  Guess what?  My printer started printing a perfect pattern.

Not sure if the ozone had an effect or it was just coincidence.
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