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Author Topic: Bridge Interface Fix for 4K Screens (Windows)  (Read 3881 times)


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Bridge Interface Fix for 4K Screens (Windows)
« on: May 19, 2016, 07:51:23 am »

While setting up a new 4K laptop, I ran into this issue and found a fix on the internet.  Thought others might be having this issue so the fix I found is here: Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX)

First, if you are having interface problems on high resolution screens (tiny text, windows or palettes) with some of your applications, it is all the fault of poor programing on the application side.  Windows 10 has a number of options for fixing this and if the program was coded properly to account for screen size and resolution this would not even be needed.

While Photoshop has limited interface scaling options, Bridge does not.  Also Bridge does not obey system preferences for text sizes so if you try to run Bridge on a 4K screen it will have microscopic text size in all the tool palettes. 

The solution is to provide your own "manifest" file for Bridge and tell Windows to prefer the manifest to what the application is saying when queried.  The downside is that when Windows does the scaling, it scales the entire application including the image area.  Not a good thing.  When the application does it like in Photoshop, it scales only the interface elements.  Hence, you probably want to use ACR from Photoshop that obeys it's interface scaling and not ACR from Bridge which will obey the manifest directed windows scaling.
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