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Author Topic: How ar those 4K video look to you?  (Read 2136 times)


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How ar those 4K video look to you?
« on: May 16, 2016, 10:27:49 pm »

I found several 4K movie from youtube by searching for "A7RII 4k video". The top list on my screen  include "After Rain" "Rough rock", "The ultimate high resolution 4K movie".
They all look disappointing to me. -- lack of clarity, bad dynamic range when sky and ground are included, etc. 
 I also compared Lumix GH4, not much difference.

There could be many reasons, ... my monitor, bad shots, or simply my judgement.

What do you see and think?


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Re: How ar those 4K video look to you?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2016, 10:39:01 am »

I've got a GH4, A7Rii and RED Scarlet.

In my experience, shooting the stuff I shoot, the GH4 and the A7Rii are pretty similar. Similar codec, similar bit-rates, similar look and feel to the final footage. It's fine, perfectly usable especially if downsampling to HD for delivery (which I guess a lot of us still are- I certainly am). Slog on the A7Rii certainly helps with dynamic range, I just shot some inserts and establishing shots for a TV documentary on the A7Rii and they seemed happy enough with it. was shot on the GH4 and A7Rii, and I don't know that I can even tell you which was which without going back and looking at the original footage. None was shot in Slog. Some of it was shot on GoPro though, and THAT you can certainly tell apart.

The image is better from the A7Rii in crop mode (APS-C/s35 equivalent) but it's pretty usable in full-frame mode if the scene isn't challenging.

None of them are even close to the RED in any aspect- and mine is an original Scarlet MX, some 4-5 years behind the cutting edge. If only the fully rigged out RED plus batteries came in at about the same weight and bulk as GH4 or A7Rii!

Cheers, Hywel



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Re: How ar those 4K video look to you?
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2016, 04:25:59 am »

They look video, coldish and surgical most of the time.
With the render you described in the sky and so on.

But let's put things into a context.

If Chris films Michael talking about a camera for example,
What matters is that the image is detailled and neutral.
And clear audio.
Not the atmosphere of the scenery.

If you shoot certain type of fashion, you may want to have
On purpose limited DR, blowned highlights and strong
Saturation in the spirit of snapshots. audio is no important.
But if you shoot fashion for a brand product, advertising, you would
Need expensive set-up yes or yes handled by profesionals.

We should not underestimate the complexity of color grading
Also. Color artist is a real profession, full time and requires real
Skills and talent, just like editor. Experience.

So, when someone watches a final product, what is observed
Is all the chain involved. One weak point in the chain will
Have consequences. And as always like in life,
The good is generaly expensive.
A pair of quality shoes is not 50 but 300 at least.

What happens is that many times, the democratization
Of imagery allows what normaly is a set of 30 people
Highly skilled moving expensive machineries, to be reduced to
One guy who does it all. And it is quite amazing some
Results that can be acheived in this context.
But we can't ask for miracles.

As for a personal preferences, I like the digital Bolex render
And spirit.

As it seems that motion has been contaminated also by gear
Preocupations and the 4k saga and so on...we rarely read
What really matters, wich is not gear.
1) the context. The goal to acheive.
2) repérage (french word means to go on the terrain to find the right spots)
Never hear about that)
3) casting (the most important!!!) Did I say the most important?
4) stylist and make-up (even for objects)
5) the story to tell
6) who is cutting and who is colouring?
7) lightning, direction of photography
8) audio (one of the very important keypoint)
9) who is skilled to face and solve issues?
10) artistic decisions

You can verify that those points are missing big time
In most dedicated forums.

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