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Author Topic: Erratic C1 with PCs, operations solved. YMMV  (Read 766 times)


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Erratic C1 with PCs, operations solved. YMMV
« on: January 17, 2016, 02:11:42 pm »

For those whom use PCs with plugin graphic cards it turns out that you have to read the fine print of your motherboards. Some of the slots are shared with the SATA ports and can cause major conflicts. The instruction manuals are printed so small that you must use a magnifying glass to read them, so I suggest that you download the manual from the manufacture's website and look very closely at the Stared(*) items . MSI is bad about this as is Asus. I got my Z77 board resolved and it is now running cleanly at 3.9 Ghz. I had to try several combinations of putting the boards in different slots with the SSDs in different ports even after reading the manual several times. What a PITA, I spent about 24 hours over this weekend as some combinations would wipe out the boot requiring a clean install. These settings should be printed in BOLD so they are called to your attention.

Sunday afternoon: Sunday morning I ran C1 with 16GB watching the memory usage in in task manager on the second screen until it crashed at around 15.3GB usage. I went over to the parts house and picked up 32GB of DDR3 2133 and installed it, continued running the auto process until it crashed again at approx. 31.5GB so it looks like it could use 64GB or more. This board only holds 32GB so I'll have to wait for my new build in a month or so. I must say that the 32Gb made the system much smoother and the CPU usage went from around 40% to 100% so it looks like the added memory enabled more cores on the 3770K which now runs at 4099 Ghz without stumbling. The CPU is liquid cooled with a Corsair H100 unit. and it temp runs around 55c at full load.
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