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Author Topic: I don't mean to be a sap  (Read 2683 times)


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I don't mean to be a sap
« on: April 29, 2006, 01:07:31 am »

i've been printing out some packers game day photos from last year. at the time i did not have the 'best' lens nor the 'best' understanding of basic camera techniques.  i also had no clue about printing, calibration, soft-proofing and the depths thereof.

but thanks to the people and websites related to this forum and others like it, the authors of the books i've read, i am very, very satisfied with the results.  it has not only satisfied me from an amateur photographer's point of view, but deepened the experience of being a born and bred packers fan!

the printed image, though not viewed with a viewing booth, matched colors very well! there was a satisfaction of seeing the orange of the helmuts and the yellows of the guardrail come out to be a great match! background blur is more obvious in the 10x6.7 inch print so it helps separate double-d. it was the best i could get at the time, 300mm f/5.6.

one thing i have to keep working on is getting skin tones more accurate in print. the caucasians in the print are a bit cooler than on-screen. but not too bad.

here's one i'm pretty happy with, it's a screen capture of the image with soft-proof applied using the profile of the R2400 with epson luster paper.

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