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Author Topic: Crazy rendering sometimes, both V8 and new V9  (Read 719 times)


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Crazy rendering sometimes, both V8 and new V9
« on: December 05, 2015, 05:24:09 am »

Crazy rendering will often happen out of the blue on any particular image as I edit it in Capture 1. I can only get it to return to normal by going to the White Balance tool and increasing or decreasing the Tint slider by .1 (or more). It is stupidly annoying. The effect is, well, crazy, like banding through half the image, or a paintbrush stroke running through the image somewhere, or something else. I don't have a screenshot right now but will post back if I can get one.

It happens with or without layers, and as far as I can tell there is no rhyme or reason to when it will occur, although it most often occurs when I re-launch C1 to do some work. When the image I was previously working on comes up, it will be displayed crazily, although nothing has changed from when C1 was closed. I only closed and then re-opened, and the image would be in the exact same state settings wise as when I left off, but it look like a mess.

Working on Windows 10 x64 with 6GB ram
Same problem in Win 8.1
Nvidia gt520
I'm 90% positive it happens with display rendering set to use, or not use, GPU processing

Any ideas or similar experiences?

P.S. Sorry for no introduction, but I'm not really new here. I somehow screwed up resetting my old email to my current and tried for an hour to get logged in before saying screw it and creating a new account.
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