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Author Topic: Capture One Pro 9 Released!  (Read 32560 times)


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Re: Capture One Pro 9 Released!
« Reply #100 on: December 07, 2015, 07:19:25 am »


They may not want to publish it openly that they can modify the formal terms

Good point and all points taken in the spirit given. Without me whinging further, no issue with updating software - all for it. But, it was like, 8.3.4 came out and then, a few weeks later, we have a major release. A little "unexpected" for those of us "not in the loop" so to speak.


If we hadn't added support for El Capitan in v8 then we could come up wit the issues of those not wanting to upgrade to 9...

Not entirely sure of the point being made here - apples and oranges and horses and carts? Would it not have been better for Phase One, in that tried and tested of fashion of "spin doctoring" come up with something to the effect that, "... issues, features and whatever will be addressed in the next major release", etc.? Yes, this will have everyone pandering as to when and what, etc. But, who cares? Most of us will have then be forewarned that there's a new version pending and yes, let's wait on for it. Nice for Phase One that it had a little gift come its way with the demise of Aperture and being presented with an opportunity to increase market share. Nothing wrong with making the push to make gains on that platform.

And, its not that I don't want to upgrade, I do. But, having just forked out for a previous upgrade and then, 6 weeks later, being asked to do much the same thing again is, as they say, a little rich.

No beef, just observations.   


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Re: Capture One Pro 9 Released!
« Reply #101 on: December 07, 2015, 01:38:35 pm »

Soooo, I'm a little frustrated, no, I take that back, I'm a lot frustrated. As a hobbyist, I don't have time to become a master of this software, but I have been using it for a number of years and have learned to do the things I need to do to process my images. In 7 I had everything dialed, when I imported images, my image naming preferences were applied and a sub folder was automatically created by date to import the images to. When I upgraded to 8, all of that setup was blown out, and I never did get back to where it was in 7. Last night I upgraded to 9 and now have a complete nightmare on my hands. Every time I open 9, it crashes as soon as the previews show up. It appears that 9 sees every 8 session folder as corrupt. I really believe C1 is a better raw converter than Lightroom, but I just don't have it in me to deal with the bugs continually. I'm running an 8 core Mac Pro on Yosemite. Anyone have any ideas? I did contact C1 support, but the response wasn't nearly what I was hoping for.


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Re: Capture One Pro 9 Released!
« Reply #102 on: December 07, 2015, 04:35:43 pm »

I haven't been facing that issue with a very similar configuration (D700 GPU).

Have you tried disabling GPU acceleration?

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