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Author Topic: Tilt-shift??  (Read 2790 times)


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« on: August 12, 2005, 09:58:28 pm »

I use mostly the shift movements on my TS-E lenses for stitching purposes, but I don't see any reason why the crop factor will present any disadvantage to the tilt movements, except of course it's difficult to see what's going on through those small, dim viewfinders.

What you should find is that there is sometimes less need to use tilt on the smaller format camera because you'll be further away from the subject for the same FoV and will therefore get greater DoF at the same f stop.

Generally, the TS-E 24mm is more useful for landscape but is not the sharpest of lenses. The TS-E 45 is a bit sharper and the TS-E 90 the best of the 3.

The same advantages of the 1.6 crop format apply as with all lenses, ie. you're using a smaller part of the lens' image circle (the best part). The TS-E 24 suffers from vignetting and resolution fall-off towards the extreme edge of its larger image circle, which you would use with a full frame camera with either tilt or shift movements but which you avoid using with the smaller format.


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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2005, 04:50:47 pm »

To anyone who is using or has used Canon ts-e lenses on 1.6 crop DSLR's, of the 24mm or 45mm, which would probably be more useful doing landscape's using the tilt, is one perspective better suited than the other with this movement, with the reduced frame format, or just a matter of personal taste? Also, any issues with distortion or abberations with reduced frame.
Thank you for any input,    Jim
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