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Author Topic: Crane MuseoMAX, company print info.. Help?  (Read 2549 times)


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Crane MuseoMAX, company print info.. Help?
« on: April 06, 2006, 07:56:22 am »

Could this possibly be right?

The print instructions below are from Crane's paper profile site for MuseoMAX on the Epson 4000. It makes no sense to me. Note that (A) says to proof using Perceptual w/BPC off. Then (B) says to print from the proof (source) using Relative?
First -- In the 4000 print dialog, if Proof is selected as source, then YOU CAN NOT change the rendering intent. Therefore, you can not print a Perceptual proof using Relative rendering intent. Or am I missing something?
Secondly -- Does this make any sense to anyone?

Print Instructions A, B, and C from Crane:
A)  To use the profile you should be sure that your image has an embedded profile of its own. Next, set up your Proof Setup in Photoshop. Go to View/Proof setup/Custom. Set your profile to Epson Museo, do not check the Preserve Color Numbers, set the intent to Perceptual with No black-point compensation. Save your new proof setup as Museoâ„¢.
B)  Now, when you go to Print with Preview, select Show More Options under the image. Make sure the dropdown list shows Color Management, then, set your Source Space to Proof. This should now show Museo, if not, select Museo from the Drop-down options. Finally, be sure that the print space options match your proof settings, the intent should be Relative.
C) Select Advanced in the bottom right of the Epson printer driver, Set the image quality at photo-1440dpi. Under Color Management Select ICM, then select No Color Adjustment, be sure your paper selection is set to Enhanced matte or Heavyweight matte. Print using matte black ink.

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