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Author Topic: Using Graduated ND Filters on the Nikon 14-24  (Read 797 times)


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Using Graduated ND Filters on the Nikon 14-24
« on: October 22, 2015, 10:44:30 am »

I am sure this has been discussed before, however it seems there have been some new options recently made available and I am needing some guidance about what is the best way to go.
I have owned my 14-24 for awhile, but keep using my 17-35 because of the ease of using Grad ND's and how often I need them
Seems a waste of a great lens :-\
All things considered….
    ***ease of use
    ***bulkiness in the bag
    ***effect on image quality
    ***potential damage to the lens
    What is the best system to use?
    I am aware of….
    ** Lee Mark ll
    **NiSi ( hard to find )
    **Formatt HiTech


Lee Roberts

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Re: Using Graduated ND Filters on the Nikon 14-24
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2015, 08:33:16 am »

Hey, yeah there are many options now for 14-24. Mark 2 SW150 Lee is supposed to be better than original, which is no slouch itself. Price of Lee systems are quite high. I believe a few of the systems below you listed may not offer 180 degree filter security -- in other words, these fllter holders simply secure the filters only if oriented a certain way....all of them would/could scratch the filter sides as you place them in the filter holder...but that is hidden anyway.

Wonderpana offers the Arc 66 (square filter system) as well as Wonderpana 145 (145mm circular filter system) -- Avoid from what I hear. Allows you to use CPL filters in that size, but these do vignette heavy at 14mm. Arc 66 and 145 system can be used in tandem I think.

Formatt is high as hell, and no better (if even it is AS GOOD) as the Lee Mark 2. I'd buy Lee Filters probably, and personally go with Nisi or another Chinese brand that has great ratings. Unless you plan to resell later....
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