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Author Topic: Blue cast in Lightroom? (vs capture one)  (Read 945 times)


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Blue cast in Lightroom? (vs capture one)
« on: July 25, 2015, 10:45:05 am »

Well, don't know exactly how to start.  I wondered to put this post at capture one or lightroom forum.
I am an experienced user for 7-8 years of lightroom, but by no means an expert. I was shooting with canon, so this may only respond to this  camera, the 5dMKII. Just recently i tried capture one pro, trial version.
In my shooting of landscapes I often experienced a distinct blue cast in the (lightroom) files, specially under bright sky/ contrasty / mountain situations. Using one of the adobe settings, like "landscape" or even adobe standard made it worse (in my opinion to an awfully unnatural tint). Even using "Camera Neutral" did not remove it fully, but was more acceptable for the eye. Nevertheless I mostly put them as "not printable or publishable" because of that. In my opinion it had to do with atmospheric circumstances, or camera shortcomings. You don't see it, but the camera records it. That was until I tried capture one. I found a clear difference that took out the blue "stress" from my files. That made me wonder, so i experienced a bit and tried to get a file as close as possible (without spending a day on it). Both neutral settings, linear tone curve, just some brightness and contrast settings. (see first example,  Puna argentine, about 3500 mtrs altitude ).
Then, testing other files I found a night shot of Pachamama feast (mother earth) ( sec example, taken at Tolar Grande, Argentine). No atmospheric circumstances in a nigth shot...  Its not a shot I would publish but look what lightroom does with the dark tones right under (left file) and what Capture one does (right file). I made up my mind, but still prefer not to jump into conclusions. I am curious about your opinions, there may be a solution I simply don't know. Ps, no clipping of the blues in the histogram of course! The night shots are white balanced on the grey doorpost at the back.
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