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Author Topic: Importing Images - Previews and Presets - Library vs. File>Import Images  (Read 720 times)


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I am a small volume shooter. This is my current workflow with C1.

1. Copy images from card to relevant sub-folder in Images 2015 folder on computer.

2. Using a single Session Folder, I browse to the above images folder via Library.

3. C1 creates a film strip of thumbnails along the bottom of the screen.

4. I then edit the images. Great...........

However, having copied the images to the relevant sub-folder in Images 2015, I would like to be able to Import them into my C1 Session folder with certain presets applied. These would be my Metadata template, Chromatic Aberration, Len Profile, and maybe one or two other things. That's all.

If I select File/Import Images, I am presented with a dialog that allows me to choose certain things, Import from, Import to an Adjustments option.

1. Can I use my single Session Folder with this dialog?

2. Can I apply the presets I want to apply with this dialog?

Anything else I should be considering?

To be honest, under my current workflow, copying and applying these few settings to all the files isn't really a chore. So, I guess I'm just wondering if I'm missing out on anything.


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