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Author Topic: Problems with 2100 (2200) banding  (Read 3029 times)


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Problems with 2100 (2200) banding
« on: February 15, 2006, 09:25:48 am »

Hello there,
I have since 3 to 4 weeks problems when printing with my 2100 (2200).
Not always but in 80% of the prints I have 2 or 3 horizontal black stripes. In the beginning over 1/2 centimeter one or two and at the end, over 1 centimeter, about 3 stripes. Inbetween the print is perfect!!!
The printer is 3 years old, always use Eps. UC inks and mainly Matte black with A3 Enhanced Matte.
I can get rid of it by cleaning the heads. I do this by putting the carts in the "change carts position, take out the current plug so I can move the total set freely and then put underneat the carts a lenscloth. I then move this very carefully from left to right for a couple of times. When I have done this the heads are clean and I can print without a problem.
BUT, after some 4 or 5 print it starts all over again!!
Any experiences with this problem?

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